Becoming a Postpartum Doula: Is it the Right Move for You?

postpartum doula postpartum doula training Jun 01, 2021

Not everyone is cut out to be a postpartum doula. Sometimes jobs sound so glamorous when someone else describes it. If you think you'll be holding a baby all day long...think again.

Postpartum doulas can and do take care of babies, but that's not the primary role. Mother care is at the heart of the service. Serving a new mother, while she cares for her baby is the true essence of being a postpartum doula.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the calm and balanced energy in the midst of a sometimes chaotic storm of emotions. The lack of sleep for new parents, as well as the confidence and trust of instinctual know how plays a major part in adjustment.

One of the greatest gifts you can offer as a postpartum doula is to instill that confidence and trust. Step back and observe, be a cheerleader. Don't try to fix and solve everything.

Ask questions instead of thinking you have to know everything. Be informed and know where to look things up.

It's a dance of energy, and knowing what your purpose is with each family you serve. Ask yourself:

"What does this family need from me to feel confident in their parenting?"

"How can I be of service without taking over?"

Be---Do--Have. Always start with how you are being. Check in with yourself before entering a client's space. Your energy will make a huge difference during the early weeks of life with a newborn.

With each family you serve, keep thinking about how you can work yourself out of a job!!

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