Birth, Mothering and the Village

baby father mother postpartum doula Jul 13, 2021

Giving birth and becoming a mother is a universal experience, yet it is a unique journey for each MotherBaby and family.

So much in birth has changed over the years, in terms of access to information and technology, yet much remains the same. One thing I am certain about is that mothers are worthy of support. Support from family, friends, a postpartum doula, her community, and society as a whole.

Accurate information about birthing options, and continuous emotional, and physical support are key to setting up the new mother for a confident start in her new role.

​With support and encouragement mothers can discover their capabilities. I guide the new mother to access her inner wisdom. Also, I become the space in which the new mother feels confident to find the answers to her questions, by looking within herself.

Often, I refer to myself as a chameleon, who changes color to blend in seamlessly. This is what I do. With each unique family dynamic, I strive to create a calming energy. I do what it takes, whether it’s being the space to listen to a mother’s birth story, or preparing a nourishing meal.

There are always practical and physical needs to tend to. Being present and focused on the new mother’s needs guides me to what comes next. When I don’t know what comes next, I ask the mother what she needs. I always ask how she is feeling, as this gives me guidance on how to be or what to do. And I always serve as the non-judgmental guide, lighting the way to an easier transition into motherhood.

While my primary focus is on the MotherBaby dyad, I am also there for the father, whether he is at home or work. I serve as a source of information, support and encouragement.

Encouraging bonding is one of the key roles of a postpartum doula. Babies, in the early weeks and months after birth, are not aware they are separate beings. Fathers get to bond too! They can hold, rock, and wear their babies skin to skin, just as mother can.

Healthy bonding and attachment is equally as important as feeding the baby.

This bonding and attachment is the foundation for all future relationships. This is what life is about. We are always in relationship; with people, with ourselves, and with the world around us. The MotherBaby and all families deserve the best possible start with their journey in relationship to each other, as they become a family.

Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenting can be a wild ride; joy, laughter, tears, frustration, triumph. So many emotions occurring simultaneously. Although our culture has evolved, and families are often spread apart by miles, we were never meant to birth, and parent alone. It truly takes a village.

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