Doula Goals vs. Doula Flow

doula doula business Mar 31, 2022

Doulas and doula wannabes, I have a question for you. Are you writing down your goals, dreams, and vision for your doula practice or business and for your life? If it isn’t written down, you are less likely to achieve said goal (s).

I have to admit that I do write down my goals, and spend some time reverse engineering so I know  what to work on in a timeline. I also get easily sidetracked.  There’s a balance between goal-setting and making those happen, and being in the flow where you’re open to receiving divine inspiration.

Goal Setting:

  • specific
  • time-oreinted
  • task oriented
  • focused on outcome
  • individual


  • allowing
  • present focused
  • flexible
  • general (outcome)
  • vision (overall/arching)

For example, the other day I wanted to work and “be productive.” I’d had a less than great night’s sleep and was definitely experiencing brain fog, and exhaustion. I finally chose to break away from ‘trying” to get shit done, and gave myself permission to weave a pine needle basket. Yeah… my latest crafting adventure.

It was time to look at the reason why I feel like I have to be productive, according to society’s rules. It’s conditioning, and learning from a young age that working hard and getting good grades will get you what you need. That’s not necessarily false, and it’s not necessarily true for everyone. Personally, I’m grateful for my education, and I really don’t want to work hard.

My point is that doulas are first human beings having a spiritual experience.

While setting and achieving goals is part of the process of becoming, growing and evolving, so is being aware of what inspires you and why. Knowing when to step away and come back refreshed and energized is also important. 

Do you have a practice that fuels your inner being? For me, it’s drumming with my tribe any chance I get. The vibrational medicine and the group rhythm has me in flow for hours. Time goes by without a thought of goals, doula business, and social media.  I’m in my happy place!! Find yours and make it a point to do more of it. Watch what happens in your doula business.

When you can let go of what society tells you you’re supposed to do, and drop into your heart space,and listen to your inner voice, feel the nudges, and tune in, everything changes. You'll notice a new perspective, or attitude, and what starts to show up in your life is a gift.

I’ve been practicing Reiki for the last 10 years, and have gone through major personal transformation in my spiritual quest. The curious kid that was me became a rebellious teen, and then single mother deserted by my now deceased ex-husband, at seven months pregnant. I found my calling as a postpartum doula when my first born son, Matthew, was two years old. I married again when he was four (28 years still), and started a doula business, and had another son.

All of these experiences have taught me so much about life and about what it takes to be an amazing doula.  You’re already amazing. Focus on your talents, and what excites you.

Become fully aware of that inner voice, and let it guide you to your next step in your doula journey. Be willing to shift and recreate, fail and get back up.

One thing that excites me and fills my heart is coaching other doulas on the journey. When I see the growth and watch the transformation, it fuels me to keep going. Book a free one hour coaching call here. Let’s connect for real (at least on video)


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