Doulas and the Crown Chakra

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What does it matter if doulas have a balanced crown chakra?  The crown chakra is the 7th of the main body chakras, and is located at the top of your head. It’s your direct connection with the divine, God, source, the universe. Everyone has a different name for this. 

When you have this connection, you’re tapped into the energy that feeds your soul, that lights you up. You know you aren’t alone, and that you have support. Isn’t that what all doulas want for their clients? Why not for yourself?

The crown chakra radiates white or violet and is associated with the element of space, and the concept of time.

Enlightenment is actually being able to go beyond space and time and feel the true connection to all living things, without separation. Oneness. Not too many people have this experience, and it’s not realistic to think you could be in that state 100% of the time.

We can all experience moments of this true connection. Part of being a doula is feeling the heart to heart connection, and knowing that there’s a higher source or energy that orchestrates the flow of life and the manifestation of our desires.

We are reminded that our client’s journey is unique to them and that we bear witness, knowing that they also are supported by the universal forces at play.

If you spend a lot if time in your head making up stories, creating “what ifs”, or dwelling on past events, conversations, and all things out of your control, you likely have a lot of energy in your crown chakra. You may be blocked from the divine inspiration that will help you with your life.

This could show up as headaches, migraines, inability to see things from other people’s perspective, and all out monkey mind. If your thoughts won’t stop and they create less than desirable moods, your crown chakra could use some love, and some balance. Sleep deprivation plagues people who can’t stop their thoughts at bed time.

Mental illnesses are a symptom of crown chakra imbalance, as well as other mental impairments, like dementia and epilepsy.  If you have trouble focusing, or if you tend to take on all the problems of your doula clients, and feel very overwhelmed, this is related to your crown chakra.

That extra crown chakra energy can be moved down into your lower chakras, feeding your heart, your core and allowing for more flow, and balance between your head and your heart. Mindfulness or meditation is one of the easiest things you can practice daily. It is a struggle for many people to relax and quiet the mind. With practice, it’s possible.

When you’re serving others as a doula, it’s even more important to be in a calm state of mind when you show up at the door. Try taking ten minutes each morning to simply breathe and notice your thoughts, and any sensations in your body. The  more you do this, the better you’ll know the internal workings of your brain, and mind and the connection to your body.

The crown chakra can be open to the divine guidance, rather than your filtered perceptions.

Rooting and grounding can help with this. Play in the dirt, walk in your barefeet, hug a tree. All things you can do to feel energy from mother earth, feeding your lower chakras, can help. It’s always a two way flow within your body to feed every chakra and nourish your soul.

Check out this course on the chakras for more.

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