Doulas and the Heart Chakra

Jun 29, 2022

The connection between your heart chakra and being a doula seems obvious. I always say that doulaing is a heart-centered profession, or calling. What does that actually mean in action?

The heart is the center of relationships and love, and also grief and forgiveness. It is also the place of relationship to the world.  Many doulas are what are called empaths. They’re very sensitive to the energy of others and have a tendency to take on other people’s stuff. This is because doulas care deeply about their clients and want what’s best for them.

Your relationship with self is where to begin for a balanced and healthy heart chakra.

As the flight attendant says in their safety talk, “Place the oxygen mask on yourself first.”  How can you really serve others with a full and protected heart, when you aren’t caring for yourself, and practicing self-love?

You being your best is knowing how you relate to the world. Checking in with your relationships with friends and family can give you a starting point to be aware of any work you are willing to do on yourself. Everything you see in the world is a reflection of something within you. I'lll be writing another blog on the third eye chakra, where I’ll get into seeing other than what’s physically presenting itself.

Establishing boundaries is critical to sustain yourself as a birth doula or a postpartum doula, and to maintain a balanced heart chakra. 

You can read my blog about boundaries here.  Find the balance between caring for others and responding to their needs and taking care of your own needs.

The heart chakra is also the bridge between the lower chakras having to do with this physical plane; safety, creativity, flow, and self-identity and sexuality and the upper chakras where self-expression, intuition and divine source are fed and nourished. Reaching self-actualization is only possible when basic needs are met. 

Postpartum doulas tend to these basic needs while providing support and service to new families.  There is an outward focus. The heart chakra energy is working overtime. Ideally, the doula practices self-care, and self-love, and is able to share that.

When new mothers and families receive that love and nurturing, they are individually and collectively able to strive toward self-actualization.

The loss of identity, related to the solar plexus, may be where the parent’s energy is focused, or it could be the sacral (sexuality), or the root (safety/security).  If you’re not familiar with the chakras, you can still “read the room.”  Observe, feel the energy, listen, and you will know what challenges the family is experiencing.

There are also physical symptoms that can present themselves when emotional issues aren’t resolved. This is the case with any ailment that is chronic. Think lungs, heart, breast, thymus in terms of what is located in the heart space.

To learn more about your chakras and how they relate to you and your work as a doula, check out my new course, Chakras, Doulas, and Wellness…Oh My

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