Doulas and the Sacral Chakra

birth doula chakras doula business doulas postpartum doula training May 25, 2022

Postpartum doulas and birth doulas have everything to do with the sacral chakra. This one is located below the belly button and is associated with sensuality, sexuality, reproduction, creativity and flow. The sacral chakra vibrates at the frequency of orange.

Here’s why your sacral chakra is important in doula training.  The obvious is the fact that this chakra has everything to do with pregnancy and birth, and sex. The creativity and the flow that is also connected with the energy of the sacral chakra can be blocked when there is a childhood trauma or wound that has not been healed. There can even be a past life interfering with the flow of the sacral chakra. I won’t go there for now.

Let’s say you’re a postpartum doula, and you haven’t healed your own traumatic birth fully, and you’re working with clients.  Chances are you’ll re -experience some aspect of your own wound. No matter when you were wounded, if you haven’t consciously and energetically worked through the emotional,physical, spiritual or mental pain, the symptoms of the wounding will keep showing up.

Hypothetically,  let’s say you suffer from fibroids, or major physical pain during your menstrual cycle, and you have residual emotional trauma surrounding your birth, there is work to do with your sacral chakra. There is a block in that area.

99% of the time, any physical manifestation has an emotional component.

I’d say most people don’t look at this. The usual scenario is that you go to the doctor and get a pill, or do surgery. That’s the western way. Even Reiki, and other energy modalities have become westernized. In its purest form, Reiki is simply source energy channeled through the practitioner.  The real benefit is self-healing. It’s a spiritual practice in essence. Anybody who is open to it can give and receive.

Back to the sacral chakra and its relevance for doulas. Aside from the sensual and sexual, the creative flow is what will drive your business. Feel into what creative projects, and ideas make sense for what you want to express in the world with your doula business.

Physically, the scral chakra is also related to blood and water, which is a majority of what we are made of. It’s all connected, because we are a mind, body, and a spirit.

If you’re feeling less than creative, and like you’re paddling upstream, or your childhood wounds or traumatic birth experience continues to resurface, it could be that your sacral chakra is blocked. There's a lot you can do to clear this.

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