Doulas: See With Your Third Eye

chakras doulas third eye chakra Jul 25, 2022

As doulas we benefit from being observant and present with our clients. This helps us to know what’s next, in terms of what our clients need from us. We have two eyes to see, and a third eye to really see.

The third eye is associated with intuition. It is the seat of our perception of our experiences.  When we find quiet time to simply be, we begin to become aware of our thoughts, ideas and inspirations.  Eventually we can discern what we’re making up and what may be coming from the spirit world. 

We all have a knowing that guides us, and informs us. It can’t be explained by logic. When given the right environment this part of us can grow and become a very powerful force in our lives.

Like any muscle, the third eye gets to be used in order to flex it.

I have a technique that anybody can practice to strengthen their third eye. I call it the Energetic Confidence Technique. These are the five steps that you can practice:

  1. Take a pause - before you say or do anything in any given situation take just a moment (really less than 20 seconds) to simply breathe, and get centered.
  2. Become aware - you can now become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Notice what comes up and where it is in your body.
  3. Trust what comes - when you get an inkling, a nudge, a message to say or do something you are likely receiving an answer of what to say or do. Try not to talk yourself out of it.
  4. Respond or not - you still have a choice of what to say or do. It could be absolutely nothing. No response is a response. Maybe even a look or a nod, depending on the circumstances.
  5. Be accountable - whatever happens, you get to be accountable and responsible for your part in it. You are not responsible for anybody else's responses, reactions or behavior.

Sometimes you have more time to process and make choices. Practice this technique so when you’re faced with what I call ‘think on your feet,” you’ll be better able to respond with thoughtful;, conscious intention, and confidence.

Let’s not forget logic, which can be part of the equation. Spiritual connection and knowingness can’t be explained by logic. However, there are times when we need to clearly use linear thinking, facts and evidence to make a choice.

If you spend more time confused, unable to make a decision, and your logical mind is more powerful, you may have a third eye imbalance. When your point of view is the only one that matters, or you can’t distinguish between your physical reality and other realms, you may suffer from a mental disorder. This can happen with new mothers who experience psychosis.

Headaches, seizures, nightmares and delusional thinking can be signs of third eye blockages. These physical symptoms that show up are part of a larger picture of health and well-being.

The energetic and spiritual aspects of being human often get overlooked by mainstream health care.

Ask yourself some key questions:

How do I perceive my world around me?

Am I able to envision the life I want to live? Or am I living it now?

Can I establish rapport with my clients in a way that creates true connection, leaving aside my own judgments?

With practice, intention, and commitment, you can enhance your third eye energy, and begin to trust what you receive.  You can be inspired daily. There are a few mantras you can try on for size, or make-up your own.

I am open to receiving guidance from spirit.

I am listening for messages from the divine.

I am guided by my intuition.

I hear the whispers of inspiration.

Start with a few minutes of meditation daily. Focus on your breath, and choose a mantra that you can come back to if your mind begins to wander. You will have thoughts. The key is in discerning where they come from.

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