Finding Your Birth Tribe

birth birth professional birth tribe postpartum doula Mar 17, 2022

What is a Birth Tribe? A tribe is a group of people who live, work and play together in harmony. They share a common ancestry or culture. People still live in tribes in certain parts of the world. Oftentimes, in the past, the tribes were small groups of nomads. 

Today, most people are stationary,and aren’t looking for the next piece of fertile land to live off of.  We aren’t necessarily located near our relatives. Neighbors don’t always know neighbors, sadly. Yet, belonging to a tribe is still a craving for many. 

Birth workers, doulas, midwives, and all who work with pregnant women and families can create their own tribes based on common values within communities, locally and worldwide.

Finding the birth workers, doulas and birth keepers that you are aligned with is one of the best ways to be connected to others in the same work, to share stories, collaborate on events or services, and give support to each other. I always recommend this to new doulas for a way to get started. Make phone calls and knock on doors. Push past any fear of cold calling and introducing yourself to your community. This networking is your ticket to getting clients, and establishing yourself in your area.

You can call on midwives, childbirth educators, other doulas, existing birth networks, chiropractors, Mommy and me groups, church and synagogue groups, child care centers, yoga studios, pediatricians, obstetricians, lactation professionals and anyone else you think of that could be a possible connection. They may end up being a great referral source. Make it a point to contact all of them. You may be surprised with overwhelming responses and appointments. Try not to be too disappointed if your voicemails or emails aren’t returned. It’s okay to give it three tries before you cross them off your list.

When you meet with someone,  feel whether or not this person or organization resonates with you. Do they have a similar philosophy? Are they open to collaboration and sharing referrals? How could this relationship be a win win?

What about finding your birth or doula tribe online? So many more doors are open for us these days because we can connect with others all over the world.

There are doula groups, birth professional groups, meet-ups, and Zoom hangouts. You can find these on different social media channels. If you don’t find what you want,  create your own group. Check out different ones. Reach out by messenger to birth professionals you want to connect with.  

Find your balance between reaching out, taking action on your own, and letting go. Focus on recognizing when it's best to move on to another possibility or when you feel absolutely amazing; that you’ve found your birth tribe. You can belong to more than one too. Always come back to your center, your inner guidance system when you feel unclear. 

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