First Days at Home With New Baby: Forget About the Company

baby mother postpartum doula May 11, 2021

You've seen it or lived it. Everyone wants to visit a new baby. They're so cute and cuddly. Company doesn't always pitch in to help.

I always suggest to my postpartum doula clients that they limit visitors and say yes to only those willing to bring a meal, do a load of laundry, or tidy up the house. It's not time to entertain anyone.

It's understandable that new families want to show off their baby, and that others want to see the little human. What is often misunderstood is how much sleep and rest new mothers, fathers and partners require to care for a tiny human. Especially mothers that are breastfeeding, and are the sole sustenance for the new baby.

I remember when my 2nd son was born, and I had visitors; maybe one a day. In the first ten minutes of conversation I felt great and excited to share about James' birth and all the amazing moments since then. Suddenly, I would begin to feel exhausted just from talking. It occurred to me that my rest was way more important than visiting with people.

Cocooning and bonding as a family isn't selfish. It doesn't matter who wants to visit or come over. New parents get to decide who and when; even in-laws and siblings.

Expectations seem to be unrealistic many times. new parents don't always prepare for what comes after birth. There is so much emphasis placed on getting through labor, and very little on what happens when the baby arrives. Focus on the stuff that's needed takes away from what baby's really need.

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