Five Reasons to Hire a Postpartum Doula

baby mother postpartum doula postpartum doula training Jun 08, 2021

There are birth doulas and there are postpartum doulas. While there is some overlap in training, education, and support, the two kinds of doulas offer assistance at different times during the childbearing year.

The birth doula typically meets with a woman and her husband or partner a few times before the birth. She may meet them more often. The birth doula is then with her client during labor and birth, and meets with them again at least one time after the birth.

We used to have the village that doesn’t exist in most places anymore. Families are far apart, or working and unavailable to assist new families.

The postpartum doula is a listening ear, a guiding voice, and an extra pair of hands after the birth. She is there to ease the chaos in an often stressful time, when parents are learning to be parents, and babies are adjusting to life outside the womb. This time is often referred to as the Fourth Trimester.

Here are my top five reasons to hire a postpartum doula:

1) Women are not supposed to do this alone. Many women think they need to be super hero. Do it all. During the fourth trimester, while learning to be a mother and getting to know your newborn, you need and deserve support. Ask for it and accept it. A postpartum doula is there for you to remind you to take care of you and to take care of stuff like meals, and errands. It is great if you have a sister or a mother that can come help, yet often they can’t.

2) Postpartum doulas know a lot about the fourth trimester. A lot is going on during this phase of childbirth. Emotional and physical challenges can arise. Sleep deprivation can creep in quickly. It is the job of the postpartum doula to make sure Moms are focused on baby, and that they're getting the sleep they need.

Postpartum doulas know what to watch for in terms of emotional adjustment, and the doula is a great support for breastfeeding.

3) Partners will benefit. If there is a husband or partner, she/he will benefit greatly from having a postpartum doula. If they're working,  they'll have full assurance that their partner will be taken care of. It gives them peace of mind. If they're also home when the postpartum doula is working, they can learn alongside their partner and have a knowledgeable guide there to offer suggestions or to answer questions.

4) Parents' confidence will be boosted. Being a Mom for the first time, especially, can be challenging. If someone has been working and asking other adults for solutions, and looking things up…well, this won’t be happening. New parents can feel like they don’t know what the hell they're doing. This is normal!! The postpartum doula will encourage and be a guide and a confidante.  Giving birth and are caring for a tiny human is amazing, no matter what the circumstance.

With some guidance, and a few tips new parents feel less and less like they're winging it and more and more like they know what to do. It takes time, and support from someone like a postpartum doula.

5) Postpartum doulas  listen to birth stories. The reality is that birth can go any which way. Some are powerful, beautiful, and all around energizing experiences. Other births are scary and traumatic, especially those in the hospital setting. For the approximately one in three women giving birth by cesarean-section, there is a much longer recovery time. The emotional toll can be devastating for a Mom.

It is important to talk about the experience. Postpartum doulas are trained to listen. Your feelings about your birth experience matter.

If you feel called to become a postpartum doula, let’s connect!! Schedule a call with me.


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