I made my First Doula Business Flyer on a Typewriter

doula business postpartum doula postpartum doula business Oct 14, 2021

Yikes…I really feel old. It wasn’t that long ago when PC’s were not a thing.  This rant isn’t about how old I’m getting, but about how you use what you have with what you know.

I wanted to start a postpartum doula service, and I wanted to spread the word around.  My Dad’s typewriter was available, and I had some yellow paper.

My son was three by then, and I had moved from Massachusetts to Florida, about six months after my initial start as a postpartum doula. It was a risky and exciting move. Leaving all my friends behind, I decided that my son should get to know my folks, and my favorite Nana, Sally, who was 96. She waited to meet Matthew before she died, one month after we moved to Florida.

There I was in October of 1993, at the kitchen table with my parents, tossing around ideas for a postpartum doula business name. And, I had learned of a panel event coming up to do with childbirth and care providers. I got myself on the panel with some midwives (with my yellow flyer in hand), and shared about my new adventure.

Tenth Month Doula Services would become the first in South Florida, serving anywhere from West Palm Beach, down to South Miami.  I shared my flyers with all who were associated with pregnant women.  They were all my target market, before I knew that I could narrow it down. A few months in, I got my first client in January of 1994 (two days before my wedding).  That's another story for another time. Anyhow, Pam had discovered my brochure (3-fold), and was in need of some help.

That’s what it took to begin, one happy client. Pam and I are still in touch, as she started her own postpartum doula service years later, and called for some advice.  Every once in a while we talk. Pam is a guest speaker in my Doula Quest coaching/mentoring program.

This word of mouth referral is what will make your business and create long-lasting connections.

Social media, emails, and all manner of online marketing is great. You have access to more people than ever. As of this writing, all my current Doula Quest students are in California, and I’m in Florida. That’s only possible because of us meeting online. Yet, when you are starting a personalized service, you get to be personal. There is still this thing called the telephone, and showing up in person with a smile, and a personal introduction.

Because I started with a typewriter, and a telephone, with no email, I know that you can get out into your community, and still do the social media marketing. Both are important, in my opinion.

You are building a business, and the business is you. Work smarter, not harder, my Dad always said. And, be your unique self. By all means, create your social media accounts, and use your computer….and if it all goes down, you can still be in business.

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