Postpartum Doula Training: Communication

Jun 29, 2021

Becoming a Postpartum doula has many phases and requires a variety of skills. It is key to your success to be able to communicate with your clients.  It's everything.  When you meet for the first time with someone, you want to create connection, and a desire in them to want to hire you, right?

What will that take from you? Clear and authentic communication. Knowing your style, and how to present yourself  is the golden ticket.  Most people don't ask about what organization or company you're certified with. They want to know that you are the solution to their problem.

In addition to your style of communication, you'll want to be clear with your postpartum doula clients about which form of communication you prefer. Do ask what they prefer. Let's face it. There are multiple ways to connect.

  • phone call
  • text
  • messaging
  • video

Think about being an anxious new mother or father. Choose your words wisely. Show up with an open heart and mind. Let that be known without words.  Your energy in the space will say it all. What you don't say can be just as powerful.

Before you say anything, ask yourself if it helps, if it's kind, and if it's true. Perhaps it may be something to bring up at a later date, or it needs to be said because you are concerned about something.

A good, quality postpartum doula training will spend some time on communication skills. You can even take a separate workshop for this if it something you feel will help you in becoming a postpartum doula.



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