Postpartum Doula Training: Postpartum Doulas Understand the Birth Process

birth childbirth postpartum doula training postpartum doula training online Jul 20, 2021

Postpartum doulas provide support after birth, often referred to as the fourth trimester. It's not really separate from the birth. Childbirth is a cycle beginning with pre-conception, conception and continuing through the first three months after birth.

With doula training, we separate out the various stages because there is a lot to learn and digest. it's much easier to break it down for time's sake. Otherwise, you might be in training for months or longer. I highly recommend you learn about all of it at your own pace.

A quality online postpartum doula training or an in-person training will address the importance of knowing about national trends in childbirth, and  about being keenly aware of what is happening in birth locally.

Some discussion on the cultural differences might also be addressed in order for participants to gain an understanding of the two models of care; the midwifery model and the medical model, and how the approach to birth has a profound effect on what happens in early parenting. And, subsequently.

Childbirth can be joyous, empowering,  and even orgasmic. It can also be traumatic and disempowering. Your job as a postpartum doula is to listen to the experience of your client. This woman before you is transitioning into a mother and just gave birth. Her birth experience is shaping who she is becoming as a mother and as a person.

Be sure to have lots of time when you ask your client about her birth experience. This is your time to be attentive, compassionate, and open. It is not time to share your birth story.

Listen with an open heart and an open mind. Know your resources. Be the space for your client to share, grow, and recover physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Know what an honor it is to serve women and families at such a time of major transformation.

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