Postpartum Doula Training: The Inside Job

postpartum doula postpartum doula training postpartum doula training online Jan 13, 2022

I believe the journey to postpartum doula success begins on the inside. Some of you may have heard me speak about this in the past. When you become a postpartum doula and you're on your way to defining your success, it's so important to look in the mirror and ask yourself the important questions.

“Who am I?”

“What do I want?”

“Why do I want it?”

If you're trying to figure out which training is right for you there are a lot of things to consider.  The first one I think that's really important is asking yourself “What kind of learner am I?”

Everybody has different learning styles and it's so important to choose a postpartum doula training not only for the content of the training and the competency of the trainer, but also how the information is being delivered. If you’re primarily a visual learner, for example, you're going to want to see a lot of videos and pictures. 

A trainer who knows about learning styles and adult learning will use a mix of  teaching methods to deliver the content of the postpartum doula training, whether live or online.

My style of learning is kinesthetic. As a trainer, I really try to tap into all the styles of learning in my Doula Quest course. I've got a mix of videos and there's reading to do and activities.  One of the first activities you’ll do is a learning styles quiz, so you can get to know yourself.

Postpartum doula training is so varied these days that I completely understand how confusing it can be for those just starting out.  When I started out there were no options for certification. We used the old-fashioned apprenticeship and mentorship models that work really well.  These are missing in many larger organizations.

I'm a firm believer in learning from someone that knows more than I do.  This is something that I've been doing throughout my postpartum doula career.

I don't know everything and I don't profess to know everything. I definitely rely on others who’ve been there before me. Knowing yourself is really the key to all that you set out to do.

If you have postpartum doula training goals and if you want to start a business, or learn a new skill,  it’s very important to learn how you learn best.

Don’t get caught up in the “how” too much.  The main thing you want to focus on, if you want to train and become a postpartum doula, is find the right training and the right trainer for you. This goes back to where I started with how you’re going to best absorb the material.

Does the training fit in with your lifestyle?

Can you travel to get there or do you want to do it online?

Always remember your Big  WHY. What’s the main reason or reasons that you want to be a postpartum doula? This is what you're going to fall back on when you have challenges, and you will have challenges.  Trust me, especially if you're going to be starting a business and doing the work of the postpartum doula.  They each require different skill sets.

Watch my Five Pillars of Soulful Success webinar, and download the workbook to dive deep and answer those hard questions.

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