Postpartum Doula Training: What do You Know About the Fourth Trimester?

postpartum doula postpartum doula training postpartum doula training online Jun 24, 2021

Postpartum doula training is focused on the fourth trimester, what comes after the baby comes out. With so much focus on the birth, many parents don't have a vision or a plan for taking care of themselves and a newborn baby. 

There are many topics to explore in a postpartum doula training.  We all know some stuff. Nobody knows what they don't know. Start with what you do know. Look for a trainer that can fill in the gaps for you.

Also, remember that the pregnancy, labor and birth, and the fourth trimester are all connected and are not experienced in a vacuum. I think we forget that because training and learning are broken into segments.

Learning all you can about the fourth trimester will not happen in a weekend training, a weeklong training, or even a 1 year training. There is always more to learn about breastfeeding, mood disorders, physical and emotional recovery from birth, and the world of the newborn.

If you're honest with yourself, I'm certain you'll come up with a lot of things you know about and many you don't. Becoming a postpartum doula is different for everyone, just as birth and parenting are also different. Everyone has their own perspective and knowledge base.

I created Down the Canal - the Game of Birth for a fun way to learn. There are 240 questions that come with the board game.  For the 40 questions related to the postpartum period, click here. Test your knowledge and perhaps you'll be surprised at how much you know already.


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