Postpartum Doulas and Throat Chakra: Self-Expression

Jul 18, 2022

What does it mean to be a great communicator? I often think of the greatest speeches, like “I have a dream”… MLK, who was a most eloquent orator, and organizer. He certainly knew how to excite and ignite.

Communication is so much more than being able to deliver a great a speech.

As a postpartum doula you want to be able to convey who you are, what you do, why and how you do it. 

Speaking so people understand you sounds easy, and often it’s challenging to find the right words to use.  Tone can also create a very different message even when the same words are used.

True self-expression through your doula business is about you balancing and feeding your throat chakra.  Meaning, what is desiring to be born into the world through you and divine source is connected to your throat chakra. This is where your creations and manifestations are communicated.

There’s also an art to knowing when not to say anything.  Silence can be the best approach at times. And, then there’s all the non-verbal communication in the body language, and facial expressions. These can be even more impactful. When you’re serving clients as a postpartum doula, it’s important to be mindful and present to the situation.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to express what you feel.  When you’re sad, or angry or frustrated, your communication will be very different than when you feel happy, calm, and collected.

Being your authentic self isn’t always easy, as the fear of judgment can be lurking all the time, if you allow it to.

What are you wanting to express? 

Are you holding anything back? 

Does your throat feel blocked? 

Do you ever feel like you’re gasping for air or coughing and clearing your throat a lot?

Creative flow comes from the sacral chakra or womb space, as I wrote about in a previous blog. This is what gets to be expressed by you. It may even be in art form. Yet, your voice is a powerful tool for healing, as well as self-expression. Finding a chant, and your own hum is an amazing and simple way to feel the energy of your throat chakra.

When you have throat chakra imbalances or blockages you may be experiencing jaw, nose or throat and sinus issues. For women, especially, the thyroid is a major player here. Any problems with the teeth, gums and even hearing could also have to do with throat chakra.

Check in with yourself, and notice what this area of your body feels like. You can wear blue and hum, and focus on communicating, which may be practicing the art of listening. As a postpartum doula this is the best skill you can have.

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