Postpartum Doulas Aren't Always Business Pros

Sep 15, 2021

Being a postpartum doula, serving families by coaching, guiding, and offering practical support is one thing. Being in business requires a whole other skill set.

What do you do if you’re passionate about being a postpartum doula and have no clue about how to run a business? You can learn about business, work for someone already established, or hire someone to help with that part.

Postpartum doula training is a great springboard to get you started and most trainings have a business component. It’s not usually an in-depth part of the training, because there are a lot of topics to cover. There’s a lot of free business help through the Service Corp of Retired Executives (S.C.O.R.E.), which is part of the Small Business Administration (SBA). There may be a business incubator or another local organization dedicated to new business owners.

Do some research.  There are a lot of doulas who dedicate their work to helping other doulas, specifically with business and marketing. I highly suggest that you first take a personal inventory.  We do this in the first module of Doula Quest, my signature postpartum doula training program. Assess your strengths, and be aware of your challenges. What skills and know-how are you lacking? Who do you know that could give you some guidance? Are there classes, blogs, or books that can help?

The passion you have for being a doula and serving families will continue to propel you forward, yet frustration and overwhelm are real, especially when starting out and trying to get clients.

Remember to start where you’re at. Make a plan, and a long term vision of what you really want on a soul level. Pick your top 3-5 priorities daily or weekly. Think ahead, yet not so much that you miss the present moment.

Find the balance between your doula business, family, friends, and all the things that bring you joy. It’s inner peace we all want, and doulas want to serve, help and create happy, healthy families. It all begins within.

Learning new things, and expanding your horizons is a daily, lifetime practice. There will always be more. Trust your instincts and intuition to guide you, instead of relying on Mr. Google, and other well – meaning people.

Take a business class, give yourself time tables, and do at least one thing every day that brings you closer to what you want. Enjoy the journey because when you reach your next destination, there’s more road to travel.

Once you achieve a goal, there’s another one. The end game isn’t what gives you the peace of mind. It may give you a feeling of accomplishment and pride. The peace of mind is in knowing you are on the path that is meant for you, no matter what obstacles you face.

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