Working in or Working on Your Doula Business

doula doula business Apr 06, 2022

While creating or running a doula business, there are many moving parts, just like there are in any other business. You are the face of the business, representing what it’s about because of who you are and why you do what you do.

Doulas often have the challenge of being great at doulaing, yet not knowing exactly how to set up business, create marketing materials, and keep track of clients and finances.

When you’re working with clients and you get busy, there is also the factor of finding the time to take care of all the business stuff. Even if you know how to do it all. You can learn everything there is to know about business, and still find that you’re being pulled in many directions. Never mind finding the time to enjoy and relax with friends or family.

If you find yourself feeling stretched or burnt out, have you thought about working on your business for a portion of each day, or a certain day of the week?

What do I mean by working on your business? For me it’s spending time formulating ideas, braindumping, tracking marketing, ads, and social media. It’s creating collaborative events, schedules for presentations, writing blogs, or doing Facebook lives. All the things it takes to run, maintain and grow my business.

This means not working with a doula client that day or time.  It could mean not homeschooling your kids, doing laundry or engaging in any other activity that takes you away from working on your business. T Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. What is it that will move you forward and help you achieve your goals? 

My last blog post was about goals and flow, and it may be that you get to figure out when to put in time and energy, and when to take a step back and allow yourself to relax and restore.

Your doula business is like a baby; it’s born, and it grows and develops, changes, shifts directions. Nurturing yourself and your doula business helps it thrive rather than simply survive.  

Creating a plan, and a strategy is doable when you take the time to do it. Being a doula is so much about heart, emotions and intuition. Business is often related to logic, and is much more linear, cognitive and rational. It’s kind of like feminine and masculine, or yin and yang.  Finding your balance is essential to your success, however you define that.

It helps to have a clear mission statement that aligns with your vision. The process of defining that takes time, and space to create. It’s up to you to make that happen. Time management, systems, and processes are things to consider. Only you know what, and when. Asking for support in your business is beneficial.  You can take a business course if you feel you need more knowledge about what it takes.

I’ve seen many doulas start out with passion and zest, only to discover that doing it all leads to exhaustion, and frustration.

In the long run, this is not sustainable for your doula business. While it takes initiative to find others that can support you with your needs, it’s well worth it.

You don’t have to hire anybody right away when starting out. Be aware of what you’re really good at, what you love doing and what you’re not so good at and don’t like doing. For example, I can create all day long; webinars, events, courses. I’m a visionary, big picture person who often ponders the fact that we’re literally specs of dust in this vast universe. This won’t serve me in executing my plans.  I often have a challenge with organizing the details and the timeline.

Getting help with this has taken a weight off my shoulders.

No matter what aspect of doula care you practice, and what your vision is, it helps to have help and to take the time to work on your business and not in it. Get to know your needs, and connect with other doulas.  Be kind to yourself while you’re learning about being an entrepreneur. It’s a bumpy ride, and also a fun one. Remember to enjoy what you’re doing and notice when things feel like a chore, or drudgery.

This is the time to recalibrate, shift, redesign, realign. Your business will morph and change as you do. Reevaluate your systems and processes periodically.

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