Chakras, Doulas and Wellness..oh My!!  


Immerse yourself in understanding the main seven energy centers in your body. Discover how you can ignite your healing and move through feeling off or stuck, or even lost.


Explore Your Energy

Get in touch with your energy. Feel it and experience yourself in a new way. Know that energy follows intention.

Discover the Chakras

From root to crown, you'll learn about the seven main energy centers and how yours are doing.

Practice Self-Care 

You'll be given optional homework, and things you can do over and over to heal, grow, and shift perspective.

Chakras, Doulas and Wellness...Oh my!! 

This course is for you if any of these things apply:

  • You're on a spiritual quest
  • You're open to new ways of wellness
  • You want to connect more deeply with your clients and serve more powerfully
  • You're curious about energy and self-healing
  • You want to connect with your angels and spirit guides
  • You know there is more to life than what you see with your two eyes
  • You're feeling off
  • You're experiencing physical ailments
  • You're wondering how to ‘fix” yourself
  • You're grieving (loss of loved one, job, community, connection)
  • You want to be able to relax
  • You want to connect with your core self
  • You're having relationship challenges
  • Your business is stagnant

What this Course Includes:

  • 7 weekly emails with a video lesson
  • suggested homework and activating actions
  • resources for further exploration
  • opportunity for breakthroughs
  • email communication for questions

BONUS: FREE Chakra Reading

I'm Ready

The World Needs Healing

This begins with you.  When you heal your own wounds and trauma, and shift your limiting beliefs, you can serve new and expectant families with a full cup. You can then ignite the healing for them.

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