Hear what others are saying.

Erica Dinallo

Betsy is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource! As a new Doula, I appreciate having someone like her in my corner to support me and answer my questions as I learn and grow my business. I'm so glad I enrolled in the Fourth Trimester Journey course because the information you learn is invaluable. The monthly Zoom chats were incredibly helpful as well as the multiple texts/phone calls along the way when something came up that I wasn't prepared for. Betsy was always there and continues to be there for me. I feel so lucky to have her in my network and I am sure you will be to!

Noeleen Lang

I am learning so much in this course. It's an online class but feels personalized. I have the mentor available every time I have a question; Betsy's amazing. Excellent training!

Susan Groulx

In the late 90’s after training as a labor doula I heard about Betsy Schwartz and Tenth Month postpartum services. I already had some experience working with new mothers, but Betsy was an incredible teacher, covering all the basics and lots more. She taught me more about breastfeeding, bonding, mood disorders, supporting the whole family, and so many other things I would soon encounter with new clients. She was always there to guide me when I needed her expertise.   She continued to mentor and support me as I worked for her company until I moved to Tampa a year later and started my own business, Pampered Postpartum.

Over the past twenty years we have attended numerous trainings, conferences, and workshops together.  I have witnessed first-hand Betsy’s passion regarding birth work and in promoting maternal and child welfare.   Betsy is fun and easy-going, thinks outside the box, and continues to expand and share her knowledge in order to make this world a better place. 

Marcia Thuermer

Betsy and her business Birth in the Know is very professional and innovative. She is very current and provides evidence based information to her students, clients and colleagues. She has a wealth of knowledge in perinatal healthcare and has been working in the field for over 25 years. Her support for mother's, babies and families is unending and comes from the heart.

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