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Postpartum Doula Trainer, Reiki Master and Founder of Birth In the Know, Creator of Doula Quest, and Down the Canal - the Game of Birth.

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Becoming a postpartum doula, a postpartum doula trainer and a lactation counselor was far from my mind as a little girl.

I loved climbing trees and playing in the swamp; running barefoot through the dandelion-filled grass.  My dream was to be the first woman President.  I didn’t know then about the way politics worked. 


Babysitting, dolls, and anything girlie was not my thing. I was the first girl to wear pants to school when the rules changed. Of course, I have never been afraid of changing or bending the rules.


I have finally learned that life is about standing out, rather than fitting in, as I tried to do most of my life. 


In 1989 I was married, 7 months pregnant and alone. My now-deceased ex-husband was a drug addict and chose to leave over getting help. 


My main fear was how I was going to take care of this baby when he (didn’t know the sex at that time!) was born. I knew NOTHING.


That first birth was a real test; a test of faith, stamina, personal power, surrender, acceptance, and trust.


With support from my Mom, and friend, Sue, I labored for 36 hours and gave birth vaginally with the help of Stadol. 


Oh, and I had a Pitocin drip for 20 hours and no epidural!!

A Mother Was Born, Along With Her Son. I Found Home; A Purpose And Meaning I Never Knew Before.

Two years later, in 1991, I answered an ad that called for help taking care of new mothers. I had been searching for a job with meaning and purpose.  


Who knew that someone could be paid to mother another mother?


That was the moment my life changed again forever.  This was the beginning of my career as a postpartum doula, which led me to be a postpartum doula trainer.  


The second time I gave birth, in 1997, I was at home surrounded by my 2nd husband, Steven, my Mom, son Matthew, two midwives, and two student midwives.


This birth was a real test of faith, stamina, personal power, surrender, acceptance, and trust. Sound familiar? All the same stuff, yet a different time, different place, different circumstances, and environment. 


I knew so much more about birth because in between I had become a postpartum doula. I had loving support and felt confident in my ability to give birth.  I trusted the process totally.


So, here we are now. I consider myself a pioneer and a visionary; going where no one has gone before. I am not afraid to take risks and speak my truth. At the same time, I'm so passionate about serving others and making a difference in the world. I'm glad you're here and if you're reading this... welcome! 


In the course of my years of being a birth worker, I have served hundreds of families as a birth doula and postpartum doula, and served hundreds of DOULAS since 1991 as a Postpartum Doula Trainer.


Along the way, I also became a certified lactation counselor (CLC), board game creator, and Reiki Master.


Teaching and sharing wisdom comes naturally to me, and I do it daily as I live my life. I offer courses, accept speaking engagements, and share the powerful practice of Reiki, which is woven into my Doula Quest program.


So, that's me and that's what I'm about. Thank you for being here. If you want to hang out or get in touch with me, you can find me on social media. I'd be thrilled to talk to you in real life! 


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The mission of Birth in the Know is to recreate the lost village through mentoring and training confident caregivers to guide women in early matrescense (process of becoming a mother).

My book is designed for you to get clear on what your path is for postpartum doula training. Check out Becoming a Postpartum Doula